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Can People With Astigmatism Also Wear Lenses?

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Did you know that there are contact lenses especially made to fix your astigmatism? Ordinarily, the cornea is spherical, but in the case of someone with astigmatism, it's more elliptical. This changes how light hits the retina, and as a result, vision is blurred.

Contact lenses designed to correct astigmatism, known as toric contact lenses, are manufactured from exactly the same material as regular lenses. What separates these from regular contact lenses is the design. Think of them as almost like the bifocals of contact lenses; they have a power for your near or far sightedness and another for your astigmatism. They feature curvatures at different angles. Because of how they're constructed, toric lenses must remain in place on your eye in order to correct your vision, as opposed to spherical contact lenses, where lens movement due to actions like blinking have no effect on your vision. But lenses for astigmatism are cleverly designed with this in mind, and they are weighted slightly at the bottom, which helps them stay in place.

There are multiple scheduling options for toric contact lens users, including soft disposable contact lenses, daily disposable lenses, and frequent replacement lenses. And people with astigmatism have no shortage of options; toric lenses also come in color, or as multifocals. Hard contact lenses, also called rigid gas permeable lenses, are made from a material that gives them a stronger shape which helps them stay in place, but usually, they're a little less comfortable than soft lenses. Together, we can find the most suitable lens type for your eyes.

When it's time for your toric lens fitting, it's going to take some time, due to the complexity of the product. It might sound a little daunting, but it's worth the end result; getting treated, glasses-free. Getting the right product will only improve your vision, and thus your everyday life.


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